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1 Habbux's Online

VIP Packages

Bronze VIP
Bronze VIP
Bronze VIP
Silver VIP
Gold VIP
Gold VIP

Currency Packages

150,000 Diamonds
200,000 Credits
300,000 Diamonds
400,000 Credits
220 Diamonds
300 Diamonds
700 Diamonds
700 Diamonds
1200 Diamonds
1200 Diamonds

How To Purchase?

To purchase from the Habbux Store, please contact one of the owners via Discord.

When purchasing anything from the Habbux store, you accept that all payments are final, and non-disputable which is also mentioned in the Habbux Way §3.2

All purchases is seen as a donation towards Habbux and will not be refunded under any circumstances. If you're below 18 years old, make sure to ask for your parents confirmation before purchasing anything.